Don’t Panic, Reach Out To Us

  • Attempt to capture the vehicle info of the car in your spot. Pictures appreciated!

  • During our 8am-6pm weekday business hours, contact our support line at  855.727.7391

    • Our team can reassign you to another open spot in the lot or accommodate you in an alternative spot nearby.

      • If you are attempting to call after hours, dial 9 to reach our emergency line

      • Leave a detailed message for our team. Include your name, user email, the address where you park, and the violator vehicle's info. Our team will prioritize your concern and get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • Refund Requests: 

    • Perhaps you didn’t get to park in a ParqEx parking spot, or maybe you made a second reservation. (We don’t recommend this, we prefer to find you a new spot ourselves.) We believe you, and we’re willing to help!

    • Email our support team at

      • Help is on the way. We process all refund requests at the start of the next business day. Refunds take 5-10 business days to return to your account 

      • Include which spot you weren't able to park in, where you ended up parking, and the info of the vehicle in your original spot, if you can

People have been parking in other people's parking spots since the first painted lines were still drying. We understand this is a frustrating scenario, and we take it seriously. There are many reasons why someone might be in your spot, and it might even be a simple misunderstanding we can fix. We want to help you.