ParqEx works with various enforcement partners that operate independently of ParqEx

If your vehicle was ticketed:

  • Check to make sure your reservation details are correct

    • If the vehicle was ticketed because reservation time/date or vehicle information is incorrect, the ticket is considered valid

    • If payment for the reservation failed and resulted in a ticket, contact to arrange for payment and support will have the ticket voided

  • Take a picture of the ticket and send it to

    • Support will review the ticket. If the reservation is accurate and the ticket was issued in error, it will be sent to the enforcement partner to be voided

If your vehicle was towed:

  • Search the lot or structure for a sign placed by the towing authority and retrieve your vehicle from the towing authority’s facility

  • ParqEx is not responsible for tows as a result of the following errors, including but not limited to:

    • Incorrect vehicle information

    • Incorrect date/time information

    • Failed payment

    • Vehicle parked in unauthorized location

    • Improper use of the lot or structure

    • Other user errors