Sometimes, you may find another vehicle parked in your reserved spot. ParqEx understands that this situation can be very inconvenient, so we have a few options for you should you encounter this problem.


The easiest way to address the issue of someone else parking in your reserved space is to use the self-reassign feature in the ParqEx app.

NOTE: The self-reassign feature is only available at certain properties provided there is another open parking spot to reassign yourself to. Some smaller parking locations or properties that are fully booked will not allow for self-reassignment.

The self-reassign feature in the ParqEx app allows you to move your reservation to a different parking spot at the same property. Doing so removes the need to wait for a tow truck or email Customer Support. To access the self-reassign option, make sure you are on the Renter Dashboard and navigate to the My Orders tab.

  1. On the My Orders page, select the reservation for which you need to reassign yourself.
  2. Selecting the reservation will take you to the Order Details page for the reservation.
  3. On the Order Details page, scroll down to the HELP section.
  4. In the HELP section, there is a button labeled Someone in your spot? Click here.
  5. Clicking the Someone in your spot? button will open a window where you can choose a new parking spot provided there are other spots available at the property. In this window, you will also see a text field where you can type the reason you needed to reassign yourself ie. Someone is parked in my spot.
  6. After you have selected a new spot and typed the reason for doing so, click SAVE to complete the reassignment.

NOTE: Parking spot reassignment is permanent and going forward you must park in the space you selected.

OTHER OPTIONS (If the self-reassign feature is not available at the property)

If self-reassignment is not available at the property you park at, there is a different set of steps you will need to follow if someone is parked in your spot.

In this case, you will need to email ParqEx Customer Support at Your message will need to include the following information so Customer Support can address the situation as quickly as possible:

  • The email address on your ParqEx account.
  • The address and spot number of your reservation.
  • A picture of the vehicle parked in your spot with the license plate visible
  • If you have parked in another open spot while your spot is taken, please include that spot number as well.

NOTE: ParqEx cannot take any action without receiving a picture of the vehicle parked in your spot.