As a ParqEx owner, you'll first need to register your available parking spot in our system. By creating a parking spot, potential renters will be able to see basic information about your open space. Here you'll specify the location, description, instructions, how renters will access your parking spot, parking type, and related amenities. 

Once you've created a parking spot, you'll need to create listing for the parking spot you've just registered. When creating a listing, you'll indicate how much it will cost to rent your parking space and when your parking space is available for rent. It's important to note that your parking spot will not show be available to users for renting until a listing is created. Also, if you have a location in which multiple parking spots are available, you should create a single parking spot for the location and then create listings equal to the number of spots available. For example, If you have 3 spots available at a single location, you would register one parking spot and create 3 listings for that parking spot.