As a ParqEx onwer, you will first need to register your address in which you would like to allow renters to park. From here you may create multiple spots (if available) on the property, which will give users information on the space they will be booking like description, access instructions, and amenities.

Once you’ve created parking spots, you’ll create listings for your spots which will contain the rates at which your spot will be able to book. This will also contain the length of time renters are able to book and dates the spot is available for booking.

It’s important to note that a spot will not be available for a user to book if there are no listings created on that spot. Also, if you have a location in which multiple spots are available, you should create a single property with multiple spots, with active listings on each spot. You may easily duplicate spots from the ‘Manage Parking’ page (only on the web app).