You can easily create a reservation or a subscription using ParqEx!

You must be logged into the app and have an active account to create reservations of any kind.

What's the difference between a reservation and a subscription?

Great question! A reservation is usually a short-term booking. It can be for a few hours, a few days, or more, but once the reservation ends, it is final and completed.

A subscription is typically a monthly booking. Your parking space automatically renews overnight on the last business day of the month unless it is cancelled.

The process is the same for creating reservations and subscriptions and is detailed below.

1. Select "Find a spot" to begin a search

2. Enter your desired street address or landmark to park near

  • Hint: If you need to book more immediately, double-check to make sure Location Services are enabled 3. Select and fill out all search fields
    • Select between "Short Term" (non-recurring, "reservations") or "Monthly" (auto-recurring, "subscriptions")
    • Select reservation type
      • Arrive/Depart to search for all day in and out privileges
      • Daytime parking for day time only
      • Overnight parking for overnight only
    • Enter Arrival and Departure times where prompted (for a short-term reservation. Monthly reservations will be available on the first day you select. 
    • Select "Find Parking"

4. Select an available spot with "Book!"

  • Sold out spots will display as "SOLD"
  • Send in a request for the spot by filling out the "REQUEST THIS SPOT" form
    • Requesting a spot DOES NOT guarantee a reservation.
    • Request spots are not immediately available.
    • Requesting a spot does not create a transaction.
  • Note: Nearby available spots will display if your desired spot is sold out with the approximate walking time and distance to your desired destination.

5. Selecting "Book" prompts the following screen. Select your desired spot and select "Book!" again"

Note: If you did not add payment information when setting up your profile, you will be asked to do so as shown below.

6. Select Place Order to complete your booking. Check your email for confirmation and any instructions regarding location directions, Access+ or key code, and/or any special lease terms. The confirmation e-mail also serves as your receipt.

For more information on refunds and cancellations, please read this article.

For more information on pricing and reservation types, please view this article.