How do I list a spot on ParqEx?

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You can easily set up a parking space on ParqEx, potentially earning you money on that extra parking space!

While you can list a parking spot via the ParqEx mobile app, we recommend using our website to complete this process.

To begin the process of listing a parking spot, log in to your ParqEx account and make sure you are on the Owner Dashboard. Next, select List a spot. The following menu will prompt you to either Add a new property or select an existing one to which you would like to add a parking spot.

If you are creating a brand new property, add the address, an optional property name, and the property type (single-family home, apartment, parking garage, etc). You can also add advanced settings via this menu. Using advanced settings is covered in this article.

Next, you will need to select the Space Size so renters will know if their vehicle is able to safely access the parking spot. After selecting the parking space size, please enter the type of parking spot (Detached garage, single parking space, alley parking, etc).

Once you have entered the information related to space size and type of parking spot, select yes or no for Is the parking spot unassigned? This is a very important setting as renters need to know if they can park anywhere at the property (unassigned) or if they need to park in a specific spot (assigned).

You can also select any amenities that your parking spot has to offer. Let potential renters know all of the benefits of using your spot! These amenities will be advertised in search results in the ParqEx Marketplace and in your parking spot listing.

A good description lets any potential renters know exactly what they are getting from your parking spot. The more information, the better. Having adequate information in your parking spot description allows for a smoother parking experience and cuts down on potential confusion. Include all relevant information about your parking spot including nearby landmarks and attractions, local mass transit, restaurants, stadiums, etc.

The next field is vitally important to your parking spot listing. Letting your renters know How do users access your spot provides for quick and easy access. If your parking spot requires any additional instructions/notifications for the renter, such as a garage/gate code, a phone number to call, etc, you can type them in this field and they will be automatically sent to the renter when they create a reservation.

Photos are one of the best ways to draw attention to your parking spot listing. Renters are more likely to book a listing with clear pictures of the parking spot and parking location. Listings with the default placeholder picture may get lost in the mix, but your listing will stand out! We recommend posting at least two pictures: one of the specific parking spot and another of the general property.

Under certain circumstances, your parking spot may require additional terms and conditions or legal documents. Certain HOAs, condo associations, or other properties may require extra terms which you can attach here. The next part of your listing, Pricing, is very important. Having the right price will make your listing as successful as possible. Having too high of a price will make your listing less attractive to more reasonably priced listings in the area. But having too low of a price can make renters uncertain about the legitimacy of your listing. You can refer to this article for more information on setting a price for your listing.

Availability settings allow you to choose exactly when your listing will become available on the ParqEx Marketplace and for how long it remains there. You can choose any date as a Valid from date, as long as your parking spot will be available. The End this listing on date can be any time that your parking spot will become unavailable. If your spot will be available indefinitely, you can leave this date open-ended.

The final settings before you can list your parking spot on the ParqEx Marketplace have to do with Minimum Booking Time, Lead Time, Cancellation policy, and Extension policy. Minimum booking time sets the least amount of time someone can reserve your parking spot. The default is set to 1 hour. Lead time refers to the minimum amount of time between when someone books your spot and when they can start parking there. The default lead time is 0 hours, however, if your listing requires you to get something ready or physically meet your renter at the parking location, you may want to set this to a length of time that fits your needs.

The cancellation policy settings are set by default to 2 hours for short-term and monthly reservations. ParqEx recommends you keep the 2-hour cancellation policy as this is the policy our customers are most familiar with. However, depending on the unique needs of your parking spot, this may be changed.

The extension settings allow or disallow your renter to extend their reservation after it has ended.

At this point, you have completed all the steps required to list your parking spot on the ParqEx Marketplace! Just click the blue LIST YOUR SPOT button and you are ready to start monetizing your extra parking!

Note: Some new listings will be subject to a quality review after they are posted. A member of the ParqEx Operations team may reach out to you to verify some details about your listing.

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to ParqEx Customer Support at

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