NOTE: Make sure you have access to the ParqEx Parking App before you begin these steps.

STEP 1: Create your FREE ParqEx Account

  • Choose Login or SignUp in the top right corner of the screen to get started.

  • From the 'New Here? Create a free account!' field:

  • Enter your First and Last Name, Email, and Password, then select ‘Sign Up’. The phone number is optional but recommended.

STEP 2: Verify your ParqEx Account

  • You will receive a verification email that contains a link to verify your account. If you entered a phone number, you will also receive a PIN via SMS/Text message. If you did not provide a phone number, you have the option to provide it on the next screen. You may enter your phone number, and click 'Text Me’ to receive a PIN for verification. Once you receive the SMS/Text with the pin, enter it into “Enter code” and verify

  • After verification by either email or PIN code text, you will be able to log in and begin renting or listing spots

STEP 3: Getting started

Once you have created an account, if you are a renter looking to reserve a parking space, click on the Renter tab in the menu, or if you wish to list your parking space then select the Owner tab to get started.