Generally speaking, no. ParqEx will never disable an account EXCEPT for the following reasons:

  • Fraudulent transaction activity
    • If it is determined that a credit card has been used in a fraudulent manner to make a reservation and it is tied to your account, ParqEx will notify you of the fraud and disable your account immediately. Please note that you will then be immediately subject to tow.
  • TOS Violations
  • User request
    • If you no longer wish to use the ParqEx app, please send our support team a request to deactivate your account. Doing this will disable your account but will not delete the associated data. In this instance, if you change your mind, you can contact ParqEx customer support for up to 3 months to re-enable your account.
    • If you wish to have your account and all associated data deleted, please send our customer support team a request to DELETE your account. We will process your request and permanently DELETE your account and all associated data. This data cannot be recovered and if you wish to use our services, you will have to create a new account.