Check your email

  • Some property owners send instructions on how to access the space via email. This information is included at the bottom of your ParqEx transaction confirmation email

Read the listing description and/or special instructions

  • View the listing description and special instructions sections on your order details page for important information on how to access your parking space
  • The listing description is also available on the details page prior to booking


  • If the property at which you created a reservation is equipped with Access+, find "Property Access+" on the Renter side menu in the app
  • Select "Tap to Access" to open the Access+ powered garage/door/gate/etc. 
  • Access+ is granted 15 minutes prior to the start of your reservation through the end of your reservation

Private key fob/garage door opener

  • Owners of single spots or private garages may offer key fobs or garage door openers to ParqEx customers as a way to access the property
  • Coordinate handoff with the owner through the Inbox in the app
  • ParqEx cannot replace key fobs or garage door openers at private properties
  • Failure to return this equipment to the property owner may result in a fine 

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