If the Garage Door or Gate will not open: 

  • Determine whether or not your reservation uses the Access+ garage door system
    • If using Access+ and you received an error message: 
      • Retry the button for up to 5 minutes, as the router controlling the Access+ device may be in a reboot cycle
      • If you experience continued failures, Access+ may be down or your smart phone may not be able to reach the device due to poor connection to Wifi or Data. 
        • Call ParqEx customer support during business hours to be given access to the Plan B for this property if one is available. 
          • Access+ requires power and internet to function and will not operate during power or internet outages
        • Outside of business hours, report the outage by calling ParqEx customer support and leaving a voicemail on the Emergency Line
          • Voicemails are sent to an on-call agent and prioritized by level of urgency. We will return your message as soon as possible 
    • If using a FOB or other garage door opener: 
      • Contact the property owner through the inbox available on your user profile
      • Alternately, call ParqEx customer support during business hours
        • ParqEx cannot provide immediate assistance for non-Access+ garage door failures, but will contact the property owner directly on your behalf

Contact ParqEx customer support with any questions