What is a service gratuity (Tip)?

There is no question that fair pay should go hand in hand with good service. It can be offered as a service gratuity (tip). However, keep in mind that, unlike other charges for services, tipping or service gratuity is not required. A service gratuity (tip) is given out of kindness to show your appreciation, while a service charge is usually collected by the business owner.

Some properties are set up to collect service gratuities (tips) for their employees, and ParqEx found a way to incorporate it into the system.

How to give a service gratuity (Tip):

After selecting a parking spot and confirming your reservation, you can specify how much Service gratuity (Tip) you want to leave on the place order page.

NOTE: Your service gratuity (Tip) will be added to the total cost of your reservation.